The Winning Cover Letter


  • Your Version of the winning resume
  • Adapted to the company or school you target
  • Using our tested template and techniques
  • Based on a phone call and your draft to make it personal


We have found an extremely effective way to write cover letters, SOPs, application essays and motivation letters. If your resume is already on point, we can help you out with an amazing letter to go with it. In a lot of the cases, this is where you can make a difference. A resume is a formal overview of your credentials. Your features are mapped on the requirements and in many ways it’s a pass/fail exercise. A cover letter or an application essay, however, allows for subjectivity and creativity. We know how to do this well:
Before we start writing, we study your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

  • Once we have a good idea of your credentials, we compare those to the job or college program requirements.   
  • We call you up and have a 15 minute conversation about you. We learn about your personality and we look for moments in your life that have defined you. Essentially, we will look for something that gives you an edge.
  • We write a first version of your new motivation letter, SOP or essay and share it with you.
  • You have the possibility to ask for adaptations 3 more times after that.


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