CV and Resume Writing


  • Your version of the winning resume
  • Adapted to the company or school you target
  • Using our tested template and techniques
  • Based on a phone call and your draft to make it personal


We are specialised in resume writing and CV writing services. After writing hundreds of CVs for companies in a wide range of different industries, we have come up with a formula that works amazingly well. A resume is a formal overview of your past experience and credentials. This does not mean that the process of writing a resume is straightforward. Every resume or CV is different, and everything depends on the professional role or college program you are applying for. If you are convinced to have found your dream job or dream school, why would you risk applying with a suboptimal document?

  • Before we start writing, we study your current resume and your LinkedIn profile.
  • Once we have a good idea of your credentials, we compare those to the job or college program requirements.   
  • We call you up and have a 15 minute conversation about you. We learn about your personality and professional aspirations.
  • We write a first version of your  new resume or CV and share it with you.
  • You have the possibility to ask for adaptations 3 more times after that.


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