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About us – what YouBeNext stands for

Why should you ever use a professional resume writing service? Does it make sense to download a Cover letter template google docs? Do you actually need professional interview coaching? Well, let’s find out together! 

If you are at the time in your life where you are ready to get serious about advancing you career, we want nothing more than for you to take action with confidence. It’s time to get ready. And we are here, to make sure that you are next.

Professional Online Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service or Interview Coaching

Professional Resume Writing Service and Templates

A perfect resume or CV is extremely important when applying for competitive or exclusive companies or schools. In fact, not everything depends on your actual credentials and achievements. A lot has to do with how you phrase and structure the document. So we have developed an extremely effective professional online resume writing service to make sure you get the interview:

  1. professional resume writing service: we rewrite your resume from scratch to make sure you get an interview. Ask us for the best professional resume service today.
  2. Resume review: we can quickly scan and adapt your resume or CV to make sure you are 100% ready to submit. Order an online resume review right now.
  3. Applicant tracking system resume template: we have an online resume template that scores incredibly well with applicant tracking systems. Take our video course in CV writing to get all the info your need on applicant tracking system resume writing.
  4. Online resume template and video course: if you need a brand new resume but you like to do it yourself, we have a perfect resume template including video instructions ready for you to get started. 

Professional Cover Letter Writing Service 

A professional cover letter, an effective statement of purpose for college or a motivation letter structure that stands out? We have exactly what you need to secure an interview with your dream company.

  1. Professional cover letter writing service: you send us your old motivation letter, cover letter or statement of purpose and we rewrite the entire document. Then, we take care of everything. We have a working structure and we know how to phrase things such that any recruiter or hiring manager will be convinced immediately. You can order our professional cover letter writing service right now.
  2. Cover letter template google docs: If you need a perfect online cover letter example, a new statement of purpose or an application essay, we have that for you. Just download our cover letter template google docs and get started with the video instructions. Download our online cover letter template google docs right now!
  3. Cover letter review: you want a professional cover letter writer to correct and adapt your cover letter? No problem. Ask us for our professional cover letter correction service right now. Furthermore, if you don’t get the interview you get a refund.

Professional Interview Coaching Service 

  • Professional interview coaching service: we have coached people for interviews with the most exclusive companies and schools. Furthermore, we take the time to go over all the interview aspects. From your introduction to the most challenging interview questions, we keep going until you feel confident. So order your professional interview coaching service right now.

A Last Piece of Career Development Advice

Before you write a CV or prepare for an interview, we have one great piece of advice for you: applying for a top school or job is nothing else than making an investment in your future. Furthermore, it is deciding on where you will spend the better part of your day for many days to come. The opportunity to find that one passion that gives you the energy to jump out of bed in the morning. And we all know that this is a ramp-up for a higher income each month. With that idea in mind, it makes sense to leverage all the tools and information out there to make sure that you stand out. And for that, it’s possible you should use a professional online resume writing service.

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