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YouBeNext is a simple story about opportunity and success. If you have all the credentials to be good at a job but you are not exactly confident about selling yourself, we’ll do that for you. If the only thing standing between you and an exciting career is the ability to boast about your achievements, we will make sure that you get in regardless. Everyone with the right capabilities deserves a chance at building a professional success story.

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Our story

In 2016, when I was living on the HEC Paris campus in Jouy-en-Josas, I was writing resumes and cover letters for friends and classmates. Eventually, I came up with a system. A mechanism that works. So I started testing. I started sending out CVs and motivation letters to companies to see which versions would work best. I reached out to recruiters and hiring managers at firms like Google, Amazon and Roland Mckinsey to learn from their preferences and before long, I was working together with the HEC recruitment team to host webinars for future students.

Today, we have helped over 3000 young and ambitious professionals with their resumes, cover letters, application essays and job interviews. Through our writing service we have found a way to tailor our expertise to your specific situation. Our online video courses and templates allow us to bring our solution to a much bigger audience.


In whatever we do, we make sure you get the interview and the job offer. A lot of that is based on confidence. That is why you should believe in yourself, even if sometimes you lose your confidence. And meanwhile, you can be sure of one thing: we have been believing in you all along.